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Its Valentine’s Day!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, sure our evenings are packed with showering of love, meals and good times!!!

So, being the romantic beings that we are, we are sure some cool guys are planning to pop those special words either today for this weekend. Thats why we are presenting a Proposal 101 guide of what to know and do before any proposal.

Whoosh!!! You have finally decided its time to make it official and you can’t wait to live life with her and have her spend the right of life with you!

Here are certain basic considerations we have curated for you to note before popping those magical words:

  1. ENSURE SHES READY: Don’t just assume she’s ready because you are.Have an idea of her timing and life plans and dreams. Discuss future plans with her(not the proposal), it will give you a clue about her timing.isabel-proposal-30
  2. BUY A RING: and a beautiful one at that. Take time to study what she like, the pictures of rings she saves on her phone, proposals she tagged you on and comments she unconsciously makes about her choice. It makes it more special for her.  HINT:Our first destination proposal was in Dubai, this happened because the bride had unconsciously/jokingly mentioned when they first met that she wold love to be proposed to in Dubai. Being a detail-oriented groom, he made it happen.And she coincidentally chose her own ring!!!isabel-proposal-39
  3. TIE IT TO A MILESTONE : You can tie your proposal to a memorable date in your love journey such as dating anniversary, birthdays, Season( national proposlnday,valentine,christmas, easter e.t.c) Trust us, its not that hard, it might seem cliche that she might be expecting it but the perks of getting a getting a proposal planner is she would NEVER expect the way the proposal surprise tuns out. She would be COMPLETELY blown away.ejikes-proposal-17
  4. MAKE IT CREATIVE: Enough of the boring table for two, no special highlights and just all round bland feel. It can be private and still be memorable. Also, please don’t choke her by placing it in her food or drink( A BIG NO NO!)            Some ideas below:
    So what are your plans for proposing? Lets know and help you plan the proposal of her dreams! You are sure to get that amazing surprise reaction you always wanted!

Vendor Love:

Rings by: @ringsandbandsng and @subzyeleshojewelry

Gift box- @loveboxcoy

Photography- @jopstudios

Pillow- @wakeywhacks

Planned by-@lovebugsng


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