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Its amazing when you get a taste of your own medicine.

On that day, 19th of September, 2015, I got a FULL dose without diagnosis. I got engaged to the love of my life, Jide Odukoya. Being a proposal planner, this was one surprise I was so sure I would get a wind of… I mean.. how can you propose to a proposal planner without a hint… but today I openly admit, I knew nothing, suspected nothing and guessed nothing. It was a 100% excellent planning process and I sure give it to him!!!

Jide and I met at a photography photowalk on July 15th, 2012, two days after my birthday and a day after his(I was born July 13th, he was born July14th) and but didn’t date until two years after. In between, its been Grace and its all been God’s. He has always been my photography big brother(of which he purely resisted at the beginning, because he told me not to friend zone him, in his words ‘ we are not the same blood, please please please I am not your brother, don’t friend zone me’, lol. Talk about humor!!! Which was one of the things that drew me to him, he is the real definition of LAUGH OUT LOUD, his humility is inspiring and his love for people is contagious, dedication to his craft is another story for another day! All this made me say that singular magical word,:YES!!!


Ahhh!! I don’t even know where to start, all I know is I went from Church service, to a friend’s house for a baby shoot where he stuffed me with Amala and Soup and fast forward to proposal ground. With the help of our good friend, Tolani of Bidazeld Events, Jide gave me the proposal of a lifetime!!

Earlier that day, I went for a morning prayer service at Church with my family. After which I planned to meet up with Jide at a conference he was speaking at very close to my church. We have the same friend, Bayo and Lola whose proposal I had planned in Dubai, and they felt it was pay back time for me. Bayo was also speaking at the conference and came with his wife Lola.Lola, being an accomplice whose task was to ensure my nails were on point, drifted me off to a salon to get ensure my nails done while she made her hair.After that, we met up with the guys after their conference and headed to Berger to do a baby shoot for our friends, Seyi and Gbemi who just had a baby boy. Being accomplices as well, their job was to stuff me with food. Little did I know that plans were underway and I was taking far away so I wouldn’t suspect anything.Another friend, Bolaji was with us as well and made to leave. He conspired with Seyi to drop him off at shop rite where Seyi was to buy baby needs.

We left Berger in the evening and headed to the island. At Ikoyi, we stopped by a favorite suya spot( I later got to know it was part of delaying tactics) and we talked and talked. Suddenly ,almost at the Lekki Toll Gate, he started receiving calls and he requested we stop over at Clear Essence Spa for a brief meeting with a client that  had been set up urgently by an event planner. Since we shoot together, he invited me along for the meeting.

He suggested we go through the backyard since she was at the garden area and I obliged. Then, I saw a path way lined with candles and I saw a dinner setup. Quicker than  I could think I casually mentioned how lovely it was and how beautiful it would be to have a proposal at that very venue ( as an proposal planner, we think in details, lol).

The pathway led to a beautifully designed table for two-dinner setup in a gazebo and our pictures from our birthday shoot from Tope Horpload (we had earlier in the year which they connived together to not released to be before the proposal) and all our on-the-job-selfies representing our love journey were hung all across from the ceiling of the gazebo.My favorite violinist, Perfect Fourth String Quartet were playing softly by the table.Then  it dawned on me!!! Yo babe! its YOUR proposal.

To say I was stunned is an understatement!I remember squirming around and running away because I was just too stunned. Everybody was present, from the conference accomplice, to the nail accomplice to the Amala accomplice, to the shop rite accomplice to my best friend traveling all the way Abuja, to my quirky friend and my former roommate in Uni.Everyone was present.The he opened the box and there it was, my exact ring of choice- a pear shaped emerald rings. Ring story and significance is story for another day.

I like to remember the memories with fondness because every little detail was covered, Video and Photography was equally on point.Thank you Tolani of Bidazeld Event, it was mind-blowing!!!Thank you Jide for making the wait all worth it. Thank you God for Grace!!!!

Enjoy some stories from the pictures and video below:


Thanks to spontaneous happenings, makeup was not done and my hair was beautifully crafted((if u know what I mean) into a protective style after coloring my hair, even though proposals have the ladies looking all prime and fresh, this totally tramped all shades of perfection and made me feel so natural , wouldn’t have it any other way, lol!I literally screamed all through the video and didn’t really hear his words. But wait, who really hears the proposal speech when in cloud 9? Duh!!




Proposal Planned By:  Bidazeld Events

Music: Perfect 4th String Quartet

Gift Box: LoveBox Company

Flowers: FlowersbyToriValJean

Ring: Marhaba Jewelers

Cake: Helado Delicia

Photography: Igeolabodephotography for JOPStudios

Video: AyodeleChrysolite



  1. Wow! I was totally blown over. It was amazing, I cried like it was mine. Thought of sending it to the boo but the fear of being over transparent stopped me. 😂 I am glad you got served an overdose of your own medicine. Your love story is soooo beautiful 😍😍😍 I don’t know you but I over-love you already. God bless your home and make it a great example of the God-kind. Heading over to all social media platforms to ff you. 😘😘😘


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