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Hey Famille,

Its been such a long time!!! So much has happened for us at LoveBugs Proposals and we are so grateful for a fantastic year thus far!

Over the past few months we have enlarged the coast of our service package to include design styling at various photoshoots. The new addition has been quite overwhelming we must confess but we cannot even complain has we have had fun all the way.

this explains the long HIATUS from both our Instagram pages and blogging.  We are so hoping to maintain consistent blogging from now on. Fingers crossed!!!

It feels so so good to be back and we have so many amazingly beautiful stories to share. Over time, we have observed that various photographers have a pretty hard time styling their photoshoots especially prewedding shoots (i.e sorting out locations, selecting outfits that have good constrast with the camera, themes, props and overall shoot feeling mood).

So, as an extension to our Proposals planning service , we are glad to introduce our PHOTOSHOOTS AND PREWEDDING STYLING PACKAGE aimed at helping not just photographers but also your fabulous brides and grooms create that special them and fantasy you’ve always wanted to pull off. We recognize that set styling and designing is not everybody’s forte and not everyone has the time to scout locations and procure required permissions at these locations for their shoots. Using our existing cordial relations with some prime vendors and locations in the city, we can help sort out your theme in the most reasonable way.

Whether its a Garden fantasy like Lawunmi of Tenny’s treat and her fun & bubbly beau Wale


or a Facebook themed Playful prewedding like Amiable Adaeze and Her cool wood-loving groom, Somto




It would be a pleasure to help you create and co-ordinated your imaginary theme.Reach out to us via email at or call 08086483999.Cheers!


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