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No more sneak peeks and we’ve kept this secrets for too long. Every week , we would be bringing beautiful pictures of heart-warming preweddings sessions we have collaborated and assisted our clients with.

Here are three amazing sessions of 3 wonderful clients we worked with recently. These sessions have unique themes and also have unique stories with them which will be shared one after the other:

Adaeze & Somto- Facebook Themed & Playful Street Shoot (Styling&Props )



Tani&Tayo-Beach & Sunset Feel Session( Styling &Location)




Temitope& Jolomo- Love in A Casino (Great Gatsby Themed)



Co-incidentially, we had to plan all three sessions at the same time and truthfully, it was a very intertwining, quite confusing and funny ride. We went from one different idea discussion to the other. From a garden theme, to a yacht theme, to a park theme and so on. By the time we were was done with one conversation, the creative juices in our heads would have literally been running over to the extent that every conversation needed a minutes of meeting(kid you not). One time, Bride A told us she was travelling and we missed it thinking it was Bride B, so on speaking with Bride B, we kept asking when she was travelling which she was stunned at!Am sure none of them ever noticed as we always apologized and asked for update on the last time we spoke( yes now, you have to act composed). Its a little nerve wrecking sharing these as I used to be one of those individuals induced with the gift of perfectionism but this is just to share my experience that it takes a lot for us to do these amazing jobs and its VERY OK to admit that sometimes these funny quirky moments do happen.We never let it work us up we just gear up and enjoy the ride. Why? Because Love Is Beautiful and Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear!!! hehehe. Enough talk. Enjoy more pictures from our stunning brides at their beautifully themed & styledphoto sessions:

First Post:

Adaeze & Somto:

We had an awesome time with this amazing love-birds at 3 different locations.We call the the CCC couple( cool, calm and collected). They made styling and posing very easy as they were very quick to co-operate at every point of the session. The groom, Somto secured a space at the first location(Sky Lounge Restaurant) from where we proceeded to an apartment and then to the streets!!!!Really a remarkable time with them.

Stay tuned for our next post of another beautiful couple!!!




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