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Hi Famille,
We present the proposal story of talented MUA extraordinaire, Zainab Azeez. We must confess this has been the quickest proposal we have ever handled as the groom met us right at the exhibition hall to plan this. Nonetheless, as usual we had a fabulous time, co-ordinating our vendors and ensuring everyone and everything was in place for the special moment. Kudos to the groom, Damilola for taking that bold step and we wish both of you a blissful union!Congratulations!.
Yesterday, Live at the Wed Expo 2015, MUA extraordinaire -Zainab Azeez-got the surprise of her life! Her boyfriend proposed right in the middle of the exhibition ground.Zainab was actually an exhibitor at the WedExpo 2015 in Lagos and Damilola,her boyfriend, popped by to check out her exhibition. Unknowingly to her, he had done his soul-searching and was determined she was the one he wanted to spend his life journey and wished to give her an unforgattable memory. Here’s word from the groom:

Zainab and I have met through a colleague 5 months ago and everything just fell in place. Yes, it seems like a short period but the truth is when you meet that person( your soulmate) you just know. I really don’t know how to explain it but you just know and theres’s really no point wandering around for what’s not lost and wasting time.
I have actually been in previous relationships of 3 years and more but this one has been very different.

I know she loves proposals and love stories but I had told her severally that I didn’t believe in it. Actually that was a trick as she just understood and never expected she would get one.She actually just resigned to normality.

So today,we planned to check out wedding rings together on the island after the exhibition When I came around, I discovered they were jewelers arounnd and tricked her into just window shopping for rings.She found the one she really liked but I told her I couldnt afford it and maybe we should check somewhere else.

When she returned to her stand, I quickly dashed out to use the ATM and went back to the jeweller, Rings et Al to buy the ring.But I didn’t know what to do as I had decided to pop the question later.

Conincidentally, I met a friend after I bought the ring who introduced me to a proposal planner exhibiting at the expo, LoveBugs Proposal. I told her I wanted to propose now at the expo and asked her to help plan it and all the rest is history.

Zainab was invited to the exhibition ground in the guise that she would win N1million naira if she emerged a winner as ‘best posed picture’ while collaborating with co-exhibitors, Jide Odukoya Photography and 5D Imagery. So we had her posing for photographs right in the middle of the exhibition floor at the admiration of a large audience. With Zainab flashing various poses, the music changed to ” All of Me’ by John Legend and Damilola,her boyfriend, stepped out from the crowd towards her with a rose ( which actually was a ring holder) and on bended knees, flipped the rose opened to reveal a ring and proposed. She was totally stunned! She experienced an unforgettable proposal moment!




Proposal Planner- @LoveBugsNg

Ring- Rings et Al

Photography: @JideOdukoyaPhotography

Video: @XteamStudios


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