Office · Proposal

Shayo & Tobi

The first time I met Tobi Adedayo (@cr8tivityby12), I didn’t see him as a photographer, I felt he just had to be either a nutritionist or dietician as he was very finicky about what he ate.I wasn’t far from it as he proved to be a fitness junkie.This turned out to be one of the wonderful hobbies he shares with the queen of his heart, his gym partner and ‘white diamond’ as he fondly calls her.
I met him last year October at the Creative Streaks Workshop organized by Jide Odukoya Photography.Fast forward to two months later, Tobi became our client. He asked LoveBugs Proposal to help plan his wedding proposal to the love of his life, Shayo. We had so much fun planning out this special event mostly via telephone and email. Being a detailed person, Tobi ensured no stone was left unturned.This was one bold and fearless groom as he knew absolutely what he wanted.He wanted an Office Proposal.
He further briefed that he wanted music infused into the moment but not just any random music; something classical and elegant.He also didn’t want to present the ring the conventional way.Additionally, he linked us up with key ‘partners’ in planning such as her bosom friend, Tolu; her office pal, Isa and alarmingly her boss!
We agreed on getting a violinist play while he made the proposal, buy the proposal ring and provide a customized card depicting their love story.Also, we agreed to insert the ring right on top of the cake.
Sequel to the date,they had scheduled a trip together abroad.Anyone could have thought he would pop the question whilst they were away but he wanted the proposal after the trip. Voila! Perfect timing. This gave us ample time to plan out the proposal at the office and also get the ring and necessary props.
With Tolu’s help, we were able to get her ring size and choice of rings and purchased a Sapphire ring from DeinteJewelry(@deintefinejewelry).We got a fantastic violin team-Perfect 4th String Quartet to serenade the moment with melodies ,the customized card was made by KoryArts(@koredeawofuwa) and a 10’inch red velvet and chocolate cake was created by Zainab. Jide Odukoya Photography(@jideodukoyaphotography) graced us with amazing photographs of the day and the video was beautifully edited by Salako(@salaqua)
Share in the excitement below:

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